Rolls For Hot Dip and Electro Galvanizing


FONDINOX supplies since 30 years complete rolls for galvanizing applications, either for hot dip process in zinc baths, or for electrogalvanizing processes. These rolls can be supplied in form of separated parts (sand cast lateral cones and central pipe) or in finish machined and assembled arrays.

Technical Drawing

Teknik Çizim


Rolls for Hot Dip and Electro Galvanizing
Hot Dip Process
Corrosion resistanceOur knowledge in corrosion resistance of austenitic alloys has led to better performing results in terms of roll surface resistance and coated sheet tonnages.
Special compositionsWe have developed special compositions
for such applications, where a careful choice of phase balance between delta ferrite and basic austenite can play an important role.
Production capacitiesProduction capacities range for lateral cones to cast weights up to 7500 Kgs and for central pipes up to 1200mm OD and 4700mm length
QualificationsIn case of roll complete fabrication all welding processes are qualified by Independent Third Parties.
Electro Galvanizing
Different alloysAt our knowledge a lot of different alloys are considered as optimal in different lines, ranging from simple 316L type alloys, up to Hastelloys, cobalt (Ultimet) or titanium base alloys
Foundry capasitiesExcept titanium alloys all such materials can be produced in our foundry; most of them, like all Hastelloy C type and Ultimet, also under official licence of Haynes Intl., who can support us in terms of corrosion issues
Final productOur high expertise in handling cast high nickel or cobalt base alloys, makes possible the optimization of the final product.