Heat Resistant Alloys

Our deep knowledge and experience in the metallurgical field is not only limited to the production of corrosion resistant alloys, but finds application also in the optimization of stainless steels and nickel alloys that require resistance tohigh temperaturescreep and oxydation.

We produce special alloys that find application in the production of radiant tubesroll conveyors for metallurgical industrygas turbine components,components for petrochemistry.

Technical Drawing

Teknik Çizim


Application Field
Continuous heat treatment furnaces
Colis annealing furnaces
Wet and dry rolls for tunnel furnaces
Hot rolling mill furnaces
Continuous cast furnaces
Hot dip galvanizing furnaces
Electrogalvanizing furnaces
Radiant tubes


CategoryACI/CastCast ASTMCast EN/DINCast UNSWrought UNSWrought Grade
Fe-Cr-NiHCA2971.4822 GX40CrNiJ92605--
Fe-Cr-NiHDA2971.4823 GX40CrNiSi27-4J93005--
Fe-Cr-NiHEA297-J93403-AISI 312
Fe-Cr-NiHFA297---AISI 302
Fe-Cr-NiHHA2971.4837 GX40CrNiSi25-12J93505S30900AISI 309
Fe-Cr-Ni253MA®-1.4893 X8CrNiN--253MA®
Fe-Cr-Ni24Cr/24NiNb-1.4855 GX30CrNiSiNb24-24--IN319
Fe-Ni-CrCT15CA3511.4859 GX10NiCrNb32-20N08151-INCOLOY 800H
Fe-Ni-CrHPA2971.4857 GX40NiCrSi35-25N08705--
Fe-Ni-CrHPMod-1.4852 GX40NiCrNb35-25---
Fe-Ni-CrHTA297-N08002-AISI 330
Fe-Ni-Cr18Cr/38NiNb-1.4849 GX40NiCrSiNb38-18--INCOLOY DS
Fe-Ni-Cr353MA®-1.4854 X6NiCrSiNCe35-25--353MA®
Nickel and Cobalt Base35Cr/45NiMA-GX40NiCrNbSiTi45-35---
Nickel and Cobalt Base28Cr/48Ni/5W-2.4879 GNiCr28W---
Nickel and Cobalt BaseCY40A494-N06040-INCONEL 600
Nickel and Cobalt BaseHWA297-N08001--
Nickel and Cobalt BaseHXA297-N06006--
Nickel and Cobalt BaseUMCO50-2.4778 GCoCr28---
Nickel and Cobalt BaseUMCO51-2.4779 GCoCr28Nb---
Nickel and Cobalt Base50Cr/50NiNb-2.4813 GNiCr50Nb--IN657