Paslanmaya Dayanıklı Alaşımlar

Fondinox has a very long history and tradition in the production of stainless and special steels, and is one of the European Leaders in the production of corrosion resistant nickel cast alloys. A full and comprehensive technical service is available to our customers, to assist in a suitable material choice  for individual working environments or general consultancy on special alloy castings design. Such service is directly linked with research laboratories from technical Institutes and special alloys world Leading Producers. Our Company is also ready to supply trial material for field tests.

Teknik Çizim

Teknik Çizim


Application Field

Mechenical line pipes in chemical plants

and offshore platforms 

Conveyors rolls in pulp and paper, dairy, textile, printing 

industries central and lateral bodies

for HP ball valves, rings, nozzles, seats.

Multi stage pumps bodies, seals, collectors, 

line pipes for nuclear power stations, cryogenics,

industrial gases production


CategoryACI/CastCast ASTMCast EN/DINCast UNSWrought UNSWrought Grade
MartensiticCA15A743, A487, A2171.4008 GX8CrNi13J91150S41000AISI 410
MartensiticCA40A7431.4027 GX20Cr14J91153S42000AISI 420
MartensiticCB7Cu-1A7471.4540 GX4CrNiCuNb16-4J92180S1770017-4PH®
AusteniticCF20A7431.4312 GX10CrNi18-8J92602--
AusteniticCF8CA351, A743, A7441.4552, GX5CrNiNb18-9J92910S34700AISI 347
AusteniticCF3A351, A743, A7441.4306 X2CrNi19-11J92500S30403AISI 304L
AusteniticCF8A351, A743, A7441.4308 GX6CrNi189J92600S30400AISI 304
AusteniticCF8MA351, A743, A7441.4408 GX6CrNiMo18-10J92900S31600AISI 316
AusteniticCF8MNbA3511.4581 GX5CrNiMoNb18-10J92971-AISI 316Nb
AusteniticCK20A351, A743-J94202S31008AISI 310S
SuperausteniticCN7MA351, A743, A744-N08007N0902020Cb3
SuperausteniticCN7MSA351, A744-J94650--
Superaustenitic2RK65-1.4539 x1NiCrMoCu25-20-5-N08904904L
SuperausteniticCT15CA3511.4859 GX10NiCrNb32-20N08151-INCOLOY 800H
Duplex/SuperduplexCD4MCuNA890, A995-J93372--
Duplex/SuperduplexCD3MNA890, A9951.4470 GX2CrNiMoN22-5J92205S31803SAF 2205, F51
Duplex/SuperduplexCE3MNA890, A9951.4469 GX2CrNiMoN26-7J93404S32750SAF 2507®, F53
Duplex/SuperduplexCD3MWCuNA890, A995-J93380S39276ZERON 100®, F55
Duplex/SuperduplexSAF 2304®-14362S32304-SAF 2304
Duplex/Superduplex2RE60-14417S31500-AISI 329
Nickel BaseALLOY 42-W 1.3917-K94100ALLOY 42
Nickel BaseCU5MCuCA4942.4858 NiCr21MoN08826N08825INCOLOY 825
Nickel BaseCZ100A49424066N02100N02100NICKEL 200
Nickel BaseM35-1A4942.4360 NiCu30FeN24135N04400Monel 400
Nickel BaseM30HA4942.4367 GNiCu30Si3N24030N05500MONEL 500
Nickel BaseCY40A4942.4816 NiCr15FeN06040N06600INCONEL 600
Nickel BaseCW6MCA4942.4856 NiCr22Mo9NbN26625N06625INCONEL 625
Nickel BaseN12MVA49424882N30012N10665Hastelloy B2®
Nickel BaseCW-12MWA4942.4886 SGNiMo16Cr16WN30002N10276Hastelloy C276®
Nickel BaseCW2MA4942.4610 NiMo16Cr16TiN26455N06455Hastelloy C4®