Vertical Centrifugal Castings

Sizes6" to 32"
WeightUp to 4.000 kgs
TypesBalls with integrated trunnions and for high pressures applications (ANSI 2500)
ODUp to 1300 mm
IDFrom 100 mm
LengthUp to 1300 mm
ComponentsExternal shaped moulds, axialsymmetric components
Dimensions (ODxIDxH)900x100x600 mm
WeightFrom 50 to 2000 kgs

Technical Drawing

Teknik Çizim


Application FieldComponent
Oil and GasBalls for ball valves
Wear and set rings
Internal cages for valves
Bushes for pumps
Tubes for flowmeter and actuators
MiningJackets for hydraulic cylinders (actuators)
Metallurgy /SteelRolls for hot and cold rolling
Sleeves for actuators in extrusion processes
Conveyors for heat treating furnaces
Tubes for O2 injection in recovery metal furnaces
Protection sleeves shaft
Wear rings
Cones and bodies for decanter
Food and DairyWear rings
Bushes and flanges
Ship BuildingSeat rings for diesel engine
Shaft sleeve
Water treatmentPipes and rings for desalination plants
Pipes and rings for vertical pumps
Seperation and filtering industryDecanters and seperation system (oil, solid-liquid, slurry)
Cylindrical body for high speed centrifuges
Pulp and paperRolls for pulp and paper plants
GlassWear rolls for glass processes
CryogenicPipes for cryogenic fluids transport
Rings, jackets for void pumps


Balls and flanged bodies for HP valves, seat rings, cylindrical and shaped rings, flanged bushes, valves wedges, hydraulic cylinders and turbine seal and wear rings, seats, conical parts for centrifuges (rotors, bowl shells), valve cages, flanges, high pressure filter housings, conical parts for roll conveyors, gas turbine components, components for petrochemistry (tees, manifolds, line pipes).
Outer diameter from 280 to 1400mm, minimum internal diameters 115mm, lengths up to 1000mm. Wall thicknesses up to 250mm. Balls from 6″ to 32″, with or without trunnions. Single piece weight up to 4000 kg.
SS CategoryCast DesignationHot Finished Equivalent
MartensiticCPCA15, CA40, CA6NM, CB7Cu-1410, 420, 13-4, 17-4PH
AusteniticCPF8/3, CPF8C, CPFF8M/3M, CG8M/3M, CG6MMN, CF10SMNN304/304L, 347, 316/316L, 317, 317L, NITRONIC 50, NITRONIC 60
SuperausteniticCN7M, CK3MCuN, CN3MN, 1.4538, 654SMO20Cb3, 254SMO, AL6XN, 904L, 654SMO
Duplex2304, GR 2A, GR 3A, GR 4A, GR 5A, GR 6A, GR 7A2304, S32750, 329, 2205, 2507, ZERON100, 2707
Nickel BasedM35-1, CW-6MC, CX2MW, CW2M, N7M, CY40, CU5MCuC, CZ100MONEL 400, INCONEL 625, HASTELLOY C22, C4, B2, INCONEL 600, INCOLOY 825, NICKEL 201
Heat ResistantHE, HF, HH, HK, HT, CT15C, CY40, 50Cr50NiNb312, 302, 309, 310, 330, INCOLOY 800H, INCONEL 600, INCONEL 657
Produced Under LicenceHASTELLOY C4, C22, C2000, C276, C22HS, B2, B3, G30, G35, SANDVIK SAF2304, SAF 2205, SAF2507, 2RK65, SANICRO28, OUTKUMPU 153MA, 253MA, 353MA, 254SMO, 654SMO